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About us

Kirulads.lk main objective is to create a link between buyers and seller who are actively engage in our website. Our user friendly methods allow you easily to sign up, publish, amend or delete the advertisement. We have special unique features to minimize the security threat in our site (We use advance unique identification methods). We use special unique features to increase the efficiency and productivity of our users.

Kirulads.lk provides users with fourteen main and thirty five sub categories to publish or to view. We are continuously reviewing all pending and published posts to keep the standards of our site.

To promote kirulads.lk we use eco – friendly methods. We do not use any (Un-disposable) materials considering the impact of the environment. Apart from our site we are highly concern about the environment and we are maintaining FB group of Animal Lovers Club.


To be the most innovate and popular website for web advertising in Sri Lanka.


Developing new ways in web advertising with the aim of providing the best solution for our customers and satisfying there need.

If you have any further query please feel to contact us for more information.